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Celine Dion on her illness: “As if someone is choking you”

Celine Dion on her illness: “As if someone is choking you”

Celine Dion and the battle against the end of her career

In the summer, Celine Dion canceled her 2024 tour. The singer suffers from the so-called cruel person syndrome. It is unclear whether she will be able to return to the stage or not. A look back at the career of a global star.


Celine Dion has been suffering from what is called stiff person syndrome for two years. Now, the 56-year-old singer speaks in a television interview about the effects of the disease on her body and voice.

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  • Two years ago, Celine Dion was diagnosed with incurable stiff person syndrome.
  • Now the 56-year-old Canadian singer is speaking out TV program “The Today Show” About the effects of the disease on her body.
  • “It's like someone is pressing down on your throat and throat,” says Dionne.

She has a big goal: Celine Dion wants to give concerts again one day despite suffering from so-called stiff person syndrome. But it is still unclear whether the singer will be able to return to the stage or not.

Ahead of the new TV documentary “Me: Celine Dion”which will be available to watch on Prime Video from June 25. The 56-year-old singer appeared on the NBC show “today's show” on me.

In an interview with broadcaster Hoda Kotb, Dion reveals that the disease affects her voice: “It feels as if someone is pressing on your larynx and your throat. “It's like someone is choking you.”

Dionne says the illness started in the throat

Celine Dion says she can barely raise her voice these days: “No higher, no lower, or I'll have a cramp.” An unimaginably difficult situation for the great singer.

Dion said the disease began in the throat two years ago. “At first I thought everything was fine, everything would be fine, but then it continued in the stomach area, in the spine, in the ribs.”

The singer says in the TV interview that she sometimes feels “restricted.”

And more: “I feel as if my feet stay in one position when I extend them. It's as if you're in a position you can't get out of anymore.”

Celine Dion broke her ribs during muscle spasms

Celine Dion continued that she suffered from muscle spasms that were so severe that she broke her ribs. “I broke my ribs once, because sometimes it gets really bad…”

After this statement, journalist Hoda Kotb asked with some suspicion: “Can he convulse so badly that he breaks a rib?” – Then Dion looks serious and nods.

In stiff person syndrome, patients experience muscle spasms and stabbing pain. Last spring, Celine Dion gave birth in one Interview with Vogue magazine.» She said she had problems walking and singing.

It is now clear that the legs and vocal cords are not the only areas of her body affected by the disease.

It is still uncertain when and if Celine Dion will be able to return to the stage or not. But the singer is working hard on her comeback. The 56-year-old says in Vogue magazine that she has only two options:

“I either train like an athlete and work hard, or I stop working and it's over.”

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