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Celebrity love tattoo fails – look

Sylvester Stallone stabs his wife

Celebrity love tattoo fails

Even celebrities get tattoos wrong. When it comes to love, some people seem unaware of the extent of its demise.


Sylvester Stallone tattooed the face of his ex-girlfriend.

Your love has fallen under your skin: Sylvester Stallone (76) and Jennifer Flavin (54). The Hollywood star had a picture of his partner tattooed on his arm. But now the fire of love between them has been extinguished – and Stallone has become an innovator. Without further ado, I hacked the idea. A picture of his film association Butkus adorns his biceps.

Stallone isn’t the only celebrity to face a memento from his ex after their love affair. Pete Davidson (28) has done many tattoos for Kim Kardashian (41). Among other things, he had the initials and first names of their children. How he will deal with it now after the breakup remains unclear.