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Catania has the right answer on the pitch – football

Kirchheim. With TSV Schlierbach, AC Catania Kirchheim, VfL Kirchheim II and TSV Ötlingen, only four B-League players from the Teck region have made it to the second round of the Regional Football Cup.

TSV Schlierbach – SGM Owen/Unterlenningen 3-0 (1-0): Despite the apparent success, Schlierbach coach Cesare D’Agostino did not want to overestimate the win: “In SGM there were four important players missing.” It was above all the clearly better team in the first part of the game. What annoyed SGM coach Timo Reinhofer: “We didn’t get into duels and didn’t really respond.” Goals: 1-0 Michael Newman (penalty kick 35 / foul), 2-0 Fabio Santini (56), 3-0 Newman (59).

Catania Kirchheim – SV Eintracht Cernau 2 8:1 (3:1): “I’ve never seen how the Cernau fans insult us,” said Catania’s assistant coach Daniele Attori. In the second half, his team gave the correct answer and practically swept the guests off the field. “I asked my players to be calm,” Aturi was satisfied after the final whistle. Goals: 1:0 Sascha Foske (1st penalty/fault), 1:1 Oliver Wamsler (20), 2:1 Fosci (25), 3:1, 4:1 Carmelo Tromino (40, 47), 5:1 , 6: 1, 7: 1, 8: 1 Fushi (54, 64, 68, 71).

VfL Kirchheim II – TSV Köngen II 2:1 (1:0): Especially in the first half, Kirchheim II was the better team. The only thing Kirchheim coach Sergen Coskun complained about was the misuse of chances: “We could have scored one or two more goals.” Goals: 1-0 Craigim Crizio (39th place), 2-0 Vincenzo-Alessio Rigol. (72), 2:1 Sandro Strink (84).

TSV Ötlingen – TSV Oberensingen II 6:1 (3:0): Ötlinger coach Benedetto Savoca found praise for his team: “I don’t give individual praise, but Samba Kujabi was by far the best player on the pitch.” Rübholzelf played as if from one source and advanced 3-0 after half an hour. Goals: 1-0 Daniel Gross (13), 2-0 Samba Kogabe (27), 3-0 Lukas Jostel (30), 4-0 Kogabe (70), 5-0 Jostel (80), 6: 0 Kogabe ( 87), 6:1 Robin Foucher (88). Yellow-red card: Kevin Foucher (52./TSVO)

1. FC Donsdorf 2 – FC Kirchheim 2-0 (1-0): Despite the defeat, Kirsheim coach Gaetano Caruana was proud of his boys: “She was brilliant in the first competitive match.” The best team and failed to convert good chances into goals. “We should have scored three goals,” Caruana said. In the second round, fitness was the club’s biggest competitor. “After an hour, the air ran out,” said the club’s coach. Goals: 1-0 Alessandro Di Carlo (23), 2-0 Julien Duchel (79).

TSV Notzingen – FTSV Kuchen 0:5 (0:3): For about half an hour, the favorite neighborhood section had more problems with the hosts than expected. Coach Peter Merkel’s team managed to make the match almost even in the preliminary stage. Only a converted hand penalty, which was unlucky, brought the guests onto the winning path. After that, it was clear that the division of the region was the better team and also achieved well-deserved success at this level. Goals: 0: 1 Timo Leicht (29 / penalty kick), 0: 2 Martin Stahl (32), 0: 3 Felix Schaffer (40), 0: 4, 0: 5 Martin Notz (50, 87).

SF Dettingen II – Spvgg Germania Schlaitdorf 1:2 (0:1): Dettingen’s coach, Marc Kretschmer, had to admit Schlaitdorf’s victory without envy: “I really saw a stratification difference. They were just emptied out.” The second Dettinger team lacked Convincing chances to score, but things got exciting again after Dettinger’s goal.Goals: 0:1, 0:2 Manuel Abel (32, 66), 1:2 Tobias Bernrotter (70).

TSV Jesingen II – TV Hochdorf 0:6 (0:1): Jesingen’s second team managed to equalize only in the first half. “In the second half we just ran behind us,” said Geisinger coach Andreas Zeichner. Goals: 0:1, 0:2, 0:3 Konstantinos Karidis (7, 46, 52), 0:4 Swain Kaufman (60), 0:5 Karidis (75), 0:6 Kaufman (82).

VfB Reichenbach II – SGM Ohmden / Holzmaden n. E. 5:3 (1:1, 1:1): In a balanced confrontation, the hosts were the lucky winners on penalties. The winner of the match was Reichenbacher goalkeeper Andre Wolfgram, who saved two penalties. Goals: 0: 1 Tim Siegmund (21), 1: 1 Luca Zima (32).

TSV Oberlenningen – TV Nellingen 0:2 (0:0): The Regional Division dominated almost the entire season, but Division B was able to keep the game exciting until the end. The decisive goal came in the last minute of the match. “We defended well, but we didn’t rest enough,” OBerlingen spokesman Matthias Feller said. Goals: 0-1 Kevin Lake (51), 0-2 Sven Rathgup (90 + 3). Klaus-Dieter Lip