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Cash truck loses thousands of dollars on the highway in the United States

A cash truck lost thousands of dollars on a highway in the state of California.

Briefly essentials

  • Money usually does not just lie on the street.
  • When a cash truck in San Diego ran out of cash, drivers filled their bags.
  • Surprisingly, this led to traffic chaos – and two arrests.

Chaos on a highway in the United States. Reason: a Money smuggler He drove in California and lost several thousand dollars.

The incident near San Diego on Friday (local time) caused traffic chaos. This is because a large number of motorists have stopped carrying their bags Bills To fill. Two people were arrested by police.

That Money Curtis Martin of the California Highway Patrol said it was owned by a bank. He called on motorists to return the collected notes to the police.

People pocket money

The authority has numerous video recordings of people pocketing money illegally. Based on this, she can determine the identity of the car driver. “You better act honestly than wait for us to find you and knock on your door,” Martin said.

Videos from online sites showed how people ran across the street and collected banknotes. Some even tossed a few bills to celebrate the unexpected wind blow just before Thanksgiving.

“Have you seen anything like this before? What will you do? ”Asked the DemiPokby user Instagram.

A man and a woman were arrested by police at the scene. While hunting for money they accidentally locked their car, thus blocking vehicular traffic.

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