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Carousel Hess AG60 offers dual transparent buses to Australia


Carousel Hess AG60 offers dual transparent buses to Australia

The Australian metropolitan area of ​​Brisbane has ordered 60 electric Lightram ® 25 buses from Bellock Bus Builder Hess.

Hess manufactures such buses for Brisbane.


To improve the quality of life in the city, the Australian metropolitan area of ​​Brisbane is investing in a modern transportation system with 60 electric buses. With an order for Lightram ® 25 dosa type 60 twin buses for 150 to 170 passengers and fast recharging stations, the Bellary-based company said it could implement a lighthouse project that has a global appeal after a long and complicated tender of the Crossover Hes AG.

Customer Brisbane City Council, which establishes the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system with two lines, Metro 1 and Metro 2. The lines are 36.2 and 22.6 km long. Vehicles are charged at the depot and on the way.

Hess and his associates will build another pilot vehicle this year and test it in Europe and later in Brisbane. All vehicles will then be added to the service in 2023/24. Electric buses of the LighTram® type are already on the road in many cities in Switzerland. Thanks to the emission-free electric drive and dynamic or static recharging options, they are well suited for high-pressure city traffic. (szr)