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Carlos Sainz does not rule out a return to Ferrari

Carlos Sainz does not rule out a return to Ferrari

( – Even if the farewell to 2025 has already been confirmed, Carlos Sainz does not want to rule out the possibility of one day returning to Ferrari: “Yes, I will not drive a Ferrari in 2025, but who knows what will happen in The future will still happen.” Sky Sports F1. “I still have ten years of my career left.”

Carlos Sainz will have to make way for Lewis Hamilton in 2025

Sainz had hoped to extend his contract early with Ferrari in the winter, but Lewis Hamilton's surprise announcement that he would move from Mercedes to Maranello closed the door on him after teammate Charles Leclerc extended his long-term contract.

What will happen next for the Spaniard in 2025 is not yet known. But he himself says that the situation for him is easier than it may seem from the outside. “I still have another year with Ferrari. This means I can fully focus on the one year with them and make the most of this year's package,” he confirmed.

And when the final race of the season ends in Abu Dhabi, “I will say goodbye to everyone,” Sainz said. “It will be emotional because I spent four years with this great team and I enjoyed every second. “I enjoyed being Charles's teammate and there were many beautiful moments.”

But according to him, it doesn't have to be goodbye forever. At 29 years old, he still has a few years left in Formula 1, and who knows what will happen in those years? “That's why I'm a fan of not closing all the doors,” he says.

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But the Spaniard doesn't have to worry about that yet. With 22 races to go, there are still enough grands prix on the schedule this season, so he doesn't have time to think too hard about the future. “You don't know how the season is going to go,” he says.

However, teammate Charles Leclerc believes Sainz will find a good cockpit next year. He knows that leaving Ferrari will be difficult for him at first, “but on the other hand, I'm sure it will open up a lot of opportunities for him,” he says. “There will be a lot of doors that will open for him.”

Many Formula 1 contracts will expire in 2024. For many teams such as Mercedes, Red Bull or Aston Martin, the driver duo for 2025 has not yet been decided. Above all, a future cockpit at Audi, where he will meet former McLaren boss Andreas Seidl again, is a possible option, even if he will likely have to step back at Sauber by 2025.