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Career changer Berk Mussar wins Slovenia’s presidential election

Career changer wins elections

Independent Berk Mussar becomes president of Slovenia

Independent lawyer Natasa Berk-Mussar has won the presidential run-off in Slovenia, a member state of the European Union. Before the runoff, it was supported by the left-liberal camp.

Natasha Burke-Mussar after the election

In Slovenia, Natasha Burke-Mussar was the first woman elected president of the country. The change of the nonpartisan liberal profession came from 55 percent of the vote to about 54 percent in Sunday’s run-off election. Conservative former foreign minister and political veteran Anzi Lugar, who was the No. 1 in the first round, only got under 46 percent.

“We have to commit to each other to do something good for our beautiful country,” Berk Mussar told reporters when the first results came out. Melania Trump’s ex-lawyer has announced that in her new role she wants to be Slovenia’s “woman’s voice” and a “moral authority”.