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Car dealer Emil Frey affected by cyber attack: the site is offline

Car dealer Emil Frey affected by cyber attack: the site is offline

12.01.2022, 08:4212.01.2022, 17:57

Emil Frey’s group is the latest victim of a cyber attack. According to the Swiss company, which employs about 22,000 employees, several areas of operational activity were affected by the attack. The car dealer announced in a statement Tuesday evening that it is working with internal and external specialists to determine the extent of the damage and find solutions. The site is still unavailable Wednesday morning.

“We have informed the responsible authorities,” she said. “We ask for your understanding that we cannot comment until the investigations are completed.”

The Emil Frey Group of former Senior Vice President National Counsel Walter Frey has been the largest car dealer in Europe since 2017. In Switzerland With sales of 11 billion Swiss francs, the group sells about 30 car brands, including Alfa Romeo, BMW, Fiat, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, PSA, Toyota and Volvo.

Amag 2020 rival hack

Big competitor Amag was the victim of a cyber attack early in 2020. An employee clicked on an Excel facility from home, allowing hackers to gain access to Amag’s network. According to SRF There was no big car dealer data stolen, but “the attack cost Amag several million francs.” About 100 computer scientists were busy re-securing and improving the network. working months. This should now also be necessary for Emil Frey’s group.

Attacks are increasing dramatically

Several Swiss companies have recently been attacked by hackers. This is what it was like last week CPH Chemie + Papier Group Victim of Cyber ​​Attack. The attack affected not only IT systems, but also production in Berlin and Mülheim. There the production of paper and packaging has been discontinued as a precaution. It was said that the chemistry department, on the other hand, could continue production.

In general, cybercrime in Switzerland increased last year again significantly. According to a study by experts from Check Point Research (CPR), there were 65 percent more cyberattacks on businesses compared to the previous year.

According to the information, the numbers for 2021 are up again, mainly due to the “Log4J” vulnerability that was revealed in December. This affects almost every system in the world. Experts at Check Point Software Technologies expect the numbers to continue rising this year.


Ransomware – Attack by Encryption Trojans


Ransomware – Attack by Encryption Trojans

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