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Capitol – US Congress warns of new attack on CMKW Radio Mombay


The United States House of Representatives adjourned its scheduled session Thursday to proceed with a vote on a proposed law on police reform, following a warning from the Capitol Police Department that a group of militants could “plot” to attack the building on Thursday.

Thus, the voting schedule has been updated and the scheduled voting for this Thursday will take place this Wednesday night. The bill, named after George Floyd, aims to prevent police misconduct.

In a statement, Capitol Police said it was aware of the ‘online’ conversations, which revealed intentions to attack the headquarters of the US Legislature, although “important security improvements have already been made to guarantee” the security of the two-story building in Congress.

March 4 is the date marked for several months, as some QAnon supporters believe former President Donald Trump will regain his post later in the day, the portal ‘The Hill’ recalled. This is the date on which all presidential inauguration took place until 1993.