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Capcom says Monster Hunter Rise Cross Save / Combined Play can't be implemented •

Capcom says Monster Hunter Rise Cross Save / Combined Play can’t be implemented •

There is some potentially disappointing news for Monster Hunter Rise players. Capcom has announced that it is not possible to “do” cross-saving and interoperability between the original switch version and the upcoming PC port.

After Capcom’s recent confirmation that Monster Hunter Rise will arrive on PC on January 12 next year, players immediately began to wonder how both versions would interact with each other. Some gamers wondered if they could team up with friends who were playing on a different platform, while others who wanted to take advantage of the increased graphical resolution on PC wondered if Capcom could offer a way to stream for hundreds of hours of time. Investing from a Nintendo console to a PC – especially according to an official survey seems to suggest Cross-display and cross-save were among the features the publisher was considering.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Teaser.

Unfortunately, while cross-play and cross-save are becoming increasingly common in multi-platform titles, both have yet to be implemented in Monster Hunter Rise on PC and Switch. in one Statement posted on TwitterCapcom confirmed the operators’ requests for the features, but added, “After examining them throughout the development process, we found that we were unable to implement them.” [them] this time. As always, we look forward to receiving your continued feedback and support. “

Gamers who aren’t late for news can get Monster Hunter Rise for PC — with 4K resolution and ultra-fast screen support, plus improved frames and frames — on January 12 next year. thats it Recently revealed Sunbreak extension, starring Dragon Malzeno as the signature monster, will hit PC and Switch sometime next summer.