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Canon printers have problems connecting to the Internet

Canon printers suffer from internet connection errors

Currently there are more and more reports of Canon printers being out of service automatically. To date, only alternative solutions to the problem are known.

The basics in brief

  • Anyone who currently uses a Canon Pixma printer may encounter problems.
  • Complaints about printers no longer working are piling up on the Internet.
  • The internet connection seems to be to blame for the dropouts.

So far nothing appears Digitization There is no progress to help with printer problems. newly Online complaints are getting higherCanon printers stopped working. The problem seems to be exclusively for Pixma series printers.

Canon printers soaked in the internet

So far, the MX490, MX492, MB2010 and MG7520 models appear to have been affected, as first reported by The Verge. Printers can no longer boot at all or get stuck in the so-called “boot loop”. They turn themselves on and off over and over again.

A Canon spokesperson has so far only been able to confirm the problem to the magazine. There is no official solution yet not yet. For some users, the printers seem to work again if the cable connected to the Internet is disconnected. If you are more experienced, you can also change the IP manually to disconnect the printer from the Internet.

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