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Candidate Mark strongly rejects Cynthia!

Candidate Mark strongly rejects Cynthia!

“Farmer, single, looking” candidate Mark rejects farmer Cynthia. He is not yet ready for new love.

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3+ – Mark doesn’t feel ready for a relationship yet.

The basics in a nutshell

  • Farmer Cynthia chooses candidate Mark.
  • But he rejected it at the last second.

Farmer Cynthia (36 years old) from canton Bern has a lot of energy. The man next to her must first be able to keep up with the horse’s owner.

So Cynthia puts would-be court princes Mark (33) and Christoph (34) to the acid test immediately after getting to know each other. I have prepared many tasks for them. The main thing is who gets along better with their horses.

Christophe, the shy horse whisperer, wins the challenge, but the farmer’s wife chooses rival Mark. He seems more confident than Kristoff.

The “farmer, single, good-looking” farmer gives candidate Mark a gingerbread heart and quips: “I wish you good luck on farm week. I hope you don’t need a psychiatrist later.”

Mark laughs, but it looks like Cynthia has hit a sore spot…

The 33-year-old: “No, I have a different problem.” “It’s not your fault,” he adds hesitantly. I really love you and it’s been fun getting to know you. But I noticed that inside I wasn’t ready to get to know someone yet.”

Mark has been divorced for almost a year and seems like he’s not ready to give up his heart just yet. Why is he still involved in the dome show? Not clear.

“Oh, shit,” says farmer Cynthia. But the single woman understands: “I understand it well, and I know it myself. I hope you find the right cover for you.” She wishes Mark good luck in the future.

Opinion poll

Will you be participating in the dome show?

Yes, an exciting experience.


No, that wouldn’t be for me.


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“Farmer, bachelor, searching”: Christophe is allowed to stay

Candidate Christophe was actually Cynthia’s second choice, but her only choice.

The farmer’s confident wife asks him: “Do you still want to stay?” And the 36-year-old is lucky: Christophe accepts this with gratitude. Good, otherwise farm week would have been over before it even started…

But Cynthia isn’t completely convinced yet. The 34-year-old is shy and reserved. A no-no for the happy Bernese woman. “I hope he gets out of himself more. “But you can definitely do that with beer,” she laughs.

Christophe on his unexpected luck: “I found it a bit strange, but I’m glad I can stay here now.”

Is there still a spark between Cynthia and Kristoff? Viewers will watch it next Thursday starting at 8:15 pm on “Bauer, Single, Sucht” on Canal 3+. The dome show began its 19th season in August.