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Canada is fooling itself – Sweden beats Denmark

Norway managed to beat Canada as a stark outsider.Photo: Cornerstone

Group B

Canada 2-3 nP Norway

Surprisingly, after losing to Switzerland, Canada had to admit defeat to an outraged Norway. The Scandinavians took the lead in the first third and extended their lead to 2-0 shortly after the start of the middle third. Canada had been chasing that deficit for a long time, but with 12 seconds of regulation time left it looked like they could avoid embarrassment thanks to the equalizer.

But Norway survived five minutes of overtime and then beat Canadian goaltender Joel Hoover of the St. Louis Blues four times on penalties, while two of the four Canadian shooters missed. Norway achieved only their second World Cup victory against Canada. The last time this was the case was in 2000. Norway still has a chance of reaching the quarter-finals, while Canada is at least fourth.

Kazakhstan – Slovenia 4: 3

Group A

Denmark – Sweden 1: 4

In the duel of Scandinavia, Denmark took the lead after a few minutes through SCRJ striker Niklas Jensen, but had to concede defeat in the end. With Oscar Lindberg of SC Bern entered a professional into the National League with two assists on the scorers list in a 4-1 win over the Swedes.

Thus, Sweden retains its chance to win the group it played in the last match with the United States on Tuesday. On the other hand, the quarter-finals are no longer in the hands of Denmark. Because of the defeat against their northern neighbor, the Danes had to conquer Finland and at the same time hope for Germany’s defeat against France.

Austria – Hungary 4: 3 nP

Austria, with Switzerland’s Roger Bader as head coach and Arnaud Del Corto as one of his assistants, is still top notch. The Austrian national team won the direct duel against relegation against Hungary 4: 3 after a penalty shootout.

As in the previous year against Great Britain (5:3 after a 1:3 deficit) also in Tampere, the final group match was very tough. Once again, the Austrians had to catch up after 1: 3, they fought back and for the first time in 19 years managed to stay in the top 16 twice in a row.

It was clear from Sunday that newly promoted Slovenia would have to drop straight to the second division of the first division, 1A. Now, with Hungary, the second climber is also injured.


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