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Camping: Nazi attack on site – holidaymakers are forced to flee at night

Camping: Nazi attack on site – holidaymakers are forced to flee at night

Anyone who goes on a camping holiday in a motorhome or caravan can usually be prepared for some adventure. However, some of them can become unexpectedly dangerous.

A couple experienced this firsthand when they were attacked by Nazis at a campsite and faced racist insults. In a conversation with MOIN.DE, those affected described their experiences.

Camping: Nazi attack on the site

Claudia Cobbold and her partner Reimann Ottel have been living in a mobile home with their dogs for more than seven years and are constantly traveling to new places in different countries. Over time, they have developed an RV travel guide for dog owners and report regularly on their experiences.

The two camping enthusiasts are constantly exploring new campsites and providing insider tips in their reports. But sometimes things don't go smoothly, especially when you're in an unfamiliar place. They both remember a particularly dangerous situation. Real Nazi attack!

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Camping: bald head and combat boots

“When we were standing at a campsite in a village in the greater Paris region called Meaux, we met young men with bald heads and wearing combat boots, traditional clothing for right-wing extremists,” Reimann Auteuil told MOIN.DE. But then something unexpected happened: “They attacked us with beer bottles, and one of them fell next to my dog.” They asked me to leave and insulted me with racist remarks. The apparent “problem”: Rayman Ottel has dark skin and black hair.

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Camper shouted loudly at the teens who were part of a group of three. “They disappeared, but then came back. At night, with several other young men on scooters and armed with knives. “I called the police, but the response was that they couldn’t come at night because we were in a small town,” the camping lover said of his terrifying experience.

Claudia Cobbold and her partner, Reimann Ottel, gave up everything in 2016 and moved into their mobile home with their dogs. picture: private

Camping: Fright night on site

Police advised the two to stay away. “We had to escape. We set off immediately. But the Nazis persecuted us. Finally, we headed to an industrial area and spent the night in front of a company.”

The reason for this attack was not because they were vacationing in a small town, but because “my hair is black.” I am half Pakistani and half German. “I never thought there were such blatant Nazis in France,” says the camping lover in shock.

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