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Camping: more appearance than reality?  This famous place falls mercilessly

Camping: more appearance than reality? This famous place falls mercilessly

For some holidaymakers, a caravan in quiet land and a beautiful view is enough – while others are looking for a little more action on their camping holiday. Many long-time operators have jumped on the bandwagon and offer all kinds of offers for young and old on the block. But the wide choice is not always convincing.

This is also the case at this parking spot on the Lüneburg Heath in Lower Saxony. Camping by a swimming lake, swimming pool, riding stables, golf courses, high ropes course, and much more – there is something for everyone here. But appearances are deceiving, as criticisms of the overall concept are voiced time and time again.

Camping: Anger at the costs

It is about the “Südsee-Camp” site in the Lüneburg Heath area. The many different offers at the camp site make children's hearts beat faster. But many people usually don't realize that you can pay more for each individual project. The surprise is big on location: even the bathing paradise, which receives high praise online, gets its name from holidaymakers.

A woman visited the place over Easter and was amazed when she wanted to go to the swimming pool. Opening hours of 12pm to 6pm do cause resentment – ​​but they are not really unusual outside of the summer months. But the woman also mentioned that you are not allowed to stay in the bathroom for more than three hours. She was even completely denied access at lunchtime.

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This is unreasonable, especially on rainy days or with children who really want to vent their anger. Despite the generally positive reviews, other holidaymakers have repeatedly expressed their criticism of the area…

Camping: “Ballerman on the Heath”

Reviews on the HolidayCheck website paint a clear picture. Although “the place has a lot to offer, both for the young and the elderly,” others were visibly upset to discover: “Every little thing costs money.” “Everywhere here you have to pay extra.” “Adventure rafting costs. Indoor playground costs. Stable riding costs. “The costs of climbing into the park are a bottomless pit,” says one frustrated vacationer. For many, the only option is to withdraw. They came with high expectations and were bitterly disappointed.

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It does not seem that those in charge of the “South Sea Camp” want to respond to the criticism of some visitors. The request from MOIN.DE remained unanswered. Although many families had a great time in the square at all costs, Ballermann in der Heide does not seem to suit the tastes of all vacationers.

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