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Camping: 100 motorhomes storm the site – and this is what's next

Camping: 100 motorhomes storm the site – and this is what's next

Camping – this is above all peace, comfort and enjoyment of nature. Full seats are more uncomfortable.

It's a stupid thing when about 100 motorhomes suddenly overrun your cozy campsite. And soon there will be another one..

Camping: a living tradition

Don't worry, those who participate in the traditional project among camping enthusiasts usually do so with great joy. But newcomers in particular often do not know anything about what could suddenly happen to them in the stadium they have chosen especially for them.

We're talking about the “ACV Caravan Rallye”. An event that has been taking place in various campsites across Germany for over 40 years. Every year at Easter time, the Automobil Club Verkehr (ACV) organizes an 8-day caravan rally, one of the largest and oldest in Germany. In the past, caravan marches have taken place to Berlsee in Waldmunchen, to the southern Eifel and to Heiderscheid in Luxembourg.

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Camping: This place is perfect

The rally is accompanied by a number of entertainment activities, such as tournaments, social evenings and daily trips. Non-club members can also participate, and locations have already been determined for 2024.

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Country Camping Schinderhannes in Rhineland-Palatinate is inviting participants this year – and they are likely to turn up in large numbers. The 47th edition of the tour will offer various tournaments (petanque, darts, tricks, and more), as well as bus trips and trips across the Rhine. If you want to participate, you have to pay a maximum of €450 for a mobile home and two people, and each additional person pays an additional €150.

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Participants with rental properties on site pay €230, while non-members pay an additional €100. Children up to 14 years old participate for free, although dogs cost an additional €36. Those interested who do not own a campervan can choose from a variety of different rental accommodations at the campsite. One thing is clear: by Easter, the place will likely be quite full and crowded at Country Camping Schinderhannes…

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