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Campden Wealth Survey: Billionaires Investing in Cryptocurrency

Campden Wealth Survey: Billionaires Investing in Cryptocurrency

17.11.2021, 09:4317.11.2021, 10:45

More and more wealthy people are joining Cryptocurrency a. 28 percent of ultra-rich families around the world have already invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. Consulting organization survey Campden fortune It emerged from 385 family offices.

Family offices are the secret investment firms of billionaires who manage the private assets of their owners. The concept of the Asset Management Special Office family Rockefeller feet. Campden Wealth estimates that there were about 7,300 family offices worldwide in 2019 – and the number is growing. distance Great Britain is she Switzerland One of the centers of family offices in Europe.

The average family office has invested around 1% of its portfolio in cryptocurrencyAs evidenced by the survey. With an average fortune of about $1.1 billion, 1 percent corresponds to it $11 Million in Cryptocurrency. 28 percent of respondents planned to increase their crypto positions in the next year. Only 4 per cent said they would depreciate their cryptocurrency in the next year.

According to Campden Wealth, 42 percent of family offices consider cryptocurrency to be a worthwhile investment. However, the majority of investment in family offices is in stocks, followed by real estate. Family offices are somewhat conservative, as many of them have the task of protecting the assets entrusted to them.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have both rushed from one record high to another in the past few weeks. Large investors and even pension funds are increasingly benefiting from this. Many traditional asset managers, such as Swiss private banks, are developing suitable offerings for their clients. The drivers of demand are, among other things, the growing fear of inflation and the fear of losing something.


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