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Cameron Diaz Explains Why She Turned Her Back On Hollywood

Cameron Diaz Explains Why She Turned Her Back On Hollywood

Cameron Diaz, here in 2014, hasn’t stood in front of (Hollywood) cameras for long.

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She was for a long time one of the greats of Hollywood, but for several years actress Cameron Diaz withdrew from the Dream Factory. Now the 48-year-old explains why.

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American actress Cameron Diaz has turned her back on Hollywood machines for several years. Now, as a guest on Peacock’s talk show “Hart to Heart,” she’s spoken in detail with her co-star Kevin Hart about the reasons for her withdrawal. Diaz explains that if you do something at a high level over a long period of time, you have to give parts to others yourself.

Around the age of forty, she realized she had certain areas in her Life will be neglected. Although she loves acting, she also enjoys it, but she yearns for more simplicity in her life, and therefore she made the decision to retire. “I just wanted to make my life more manageable,” she continues. Before that it was like a “machine”.

Excerpt from the interview:

Your family is the best

She wanted to have more of a daily routine, and to do things for herself that she had never had time for before. For them, be the best, one family to marry and marry. Now give all her energy to her loved ones; She can no longer give the role what she needs at all.

Cameron Diaz married Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden in 2015, and in December 2019 the parents had a daughter. The last participation of “Charlie’s Angels” was in 2014 in the musical “Annie” alongside Jamie Foxx. Since then she has rejected all offers.

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