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By the end of the year: China Southern will definitely phase out the Airbus A380

By the end of the year: China Southern will definitely phase out the Airbus A380

The only giant Chinese operator has enough giant aircraft. China Southern Airlines could very quickly retire its first two Airbus A380s.

Already believed in April last year China Southern Airlines loudly about a possible farewell to the Airbus A380 after. The airline said at the time that the super jumbo was difficult to fill and had too high operating costs. It has five copies.

Now Chinese media, citing information from around the airline, has reported that the management decided to phase out the super jumbo by the end of 2022. The two A380s with registration numbers B-6136 and B-6137 were last in the air in October and November 2021 respectively. They have been in Guangzhou ever since.

Flights to Amsterdam, Sydney and Los Angeles

According to well-informed China’s FAT III Aviation channel, these two A380s are scheduled to be flown to the aircraft cemetery in Victorville, USA later this week for their final resting place. This should have happened last year, but it’s late, it is said.

The superjumbos with registration numbers B-6138 and B-6139 have been still active for the past few days, and the B-6140 last flew on February 10. And from Guangzhou, they’ve recently headed to destinations like Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles.

With the Airbus A380, First Class disappears

China Airlines took delivery of the A380 between October 2011 and February 2013. If the super giant plane is bid farewell, it will become the only one of China’s three major state-controlled airlines without first class.

Air China has First Class on Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 and China Eastern Airlines on Airbus A350, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787. China Southern currently only has First Class on the A380. It consists of eight wings per aircraft.

Only seven giant workers left

Aside from first class, the airline is not lacking in alternatives to the A380. The long-haul fleet also includes the Airbus A330 and A350 as well as the Boeing 787 and 777.

The number of A380 operators will be reduced to eight without China Southern: Emirates, British Airways, QantasQatar Airways (temporary), Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, Asian and ANA All Nippon Airways.