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BVB: U23 draw only – Maloney flies off the field to insult

Borussia Dortmund U-23 team played a 1-1 match against second club Freiburg on Friday evening. The biggest excitement happened in injury time.

After a massive 3-1 win at SV Waldhof Mannheim on Monday, the U-23 side managed to improve only partially on Friday night in front of 635 spectators at Rote Erde. There was a directed 1:1 (1:0) performance against SC Freiburg II.

With the support of professional Stephen Tegues, Borussia Dortmund II was able to convince only in the early stages. It was Tegues who gave BVB the lead in the fifth minute. “We didn’t go on after leading 1-0. We scored a big pressing goal. Then there was another chance through Tigi, but then Freiburg got stronger and stronger,” explained Dortmund coach Enrico Masin after the rather mediocre match without any scoring spectators. Another great.

BVB II: Drelcaca – Maloney, Pavani, Koulibaly (Bah Traore) – Viet (59. Vinenson), Papadopoulos, Rachel (59. Camara), Pullman (76. Fink), Fry-Taz (68. N’Djamena), Tejez

Freiburg 2: Atubolu – Treu, Kammerknecht, Schmidt, Ezekwem – Engelhardt, Wagner, Leopold (90. Braun-Schumacher) – Ontuzans (77. Baur), Burkart (66. Kehl), Kammerbauer (77. Risch)

Rule: Patrick Arlt

rip: 1:0 Teguise (fifth), 1:1 Leopold (penalty 54)

Viewer: 635

red card: Maloney (90. + 1)

As a result, Breezgauers managed to equalize after 54 minutes. Enzo Leopold converted the penalty kick by Solmaula Coulibaly. In the end, Freiburg were a little closer to victory than Dortmund, but without creating any more obvious chances. “Of course it wasn’t as dominant as we used to because Freiburg were also really good. They played very diverse. I think we can and should live with that point,” said Maassen.

The excitement of the match happened in the first minute of stoppage time when referee Patrick Alt Dortmund Leonard Maloney He was sent off with a smooth “red card”. However, Mason did not agree with this at all. “He was wandering about something, as the referee told me, and the referee took it as an insult to the opponent,” Maassen said on Magenta TV. “Anyone who knows Leonard, he’s very active on the field, but he’s a very good person. I think you can show more sensitivity at this moment. Those are all guys. You could probably say: Watch out, you’ll get a yellow card, but that’s not the thing. The right thing to do.” But he is more upset about his team’s match than the red card.

However, Maassen is generally satisfied with his team’s start after the winter break: “I think this was a good start to the second half of the season.”