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Buy now on amazon

Buy now on amazon

Nintendo products are incredibly stable and often drop in prices barely years after their release. This also applies to the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which is still the best converter gamepad and usually cheaper than RRP. Now you can at least save a little on Amazon: Instead of €57.99, you pay only €54.99. At least something, and a gamepad isn’t available anywhere cheaper right now. So: strike!

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Who is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for?

The Nintendo Switch Pro console is almost a must-have for everyone who not only wants to use the console on the go, but also often on the TV. While Joy-Cons do their job there, they’re a lot less comfortable to use, especially with big hands. In addition, the buttons and levers of the Pro Controller are larger, higher quality, and more comfortable to use.

The Nintendo Switch Pro console works on the classic Nintendo Switch, on the Nintendo Switch OLED, and in theory also on the Nintendo Switch Lite. But you can’t use the latter on a TV, so you’ll have to be content with the Pro console with the small screen – the accessories here make less sense, to be honest.

By the way, the professional console can also be used on PC via Bluetooth, and therefore it is a great gamepad for playing games on Steam and Co.

There are other consoles for the Nintendo console. You can read which one is better besides Pro Controller in our article on this topic.

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