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Bushido: He and Anna Maria Ferchichi live under police protection

Bushido: He and Anna Maria Ferchichi live under police protection

Rapper Bushido, 42, became known through his provocative texts and rough manner. But he can also do it differently. A father of nearly seven children opened his doors to RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig (57 years old) and was surprisingly personal.

Ludwig describes the somewhat different living situation of the family on TV: “It’s a little strange: the first bodyguard is already in front of the house. Here in the garden are property and personal guards.”

The police presence has a reason: Bushido and his wife Anna Maria Ferchichi, 39, have taken over the Abu Shakir clan. The two were repeatedly threatened after the rapper broke up with his former manager and clan chief Arafat Abu Shaker (45 years old). The Public Prosecutor’s Office accuses Shakir, among other things, of attempted racketeering, deprivation of liberty, grievous bodily harm, coercion, humiliation, and infidelity at the expense of Bushido. The court hearing is currently underway.

“Not a country that I love for anyone!”

When asked about security precautions, Anna Maria Verchichi said it took a lot of getting used to at first, but she can handle it. “You are tied. Bushido’s wife said. However, she is very grateful for protection. “It allows you to sleep very quietly.”

But she also stresses that it suppresses a lot. “We don’t think about many things anymore, otherwise you will go crazy!” They try to offer their children as normal a life as possible. “You don’t know anything else after nearly three years and you’ve totally dealt with it,” says Verchichi.