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Burgdorf D'Region scoreboard |  More space for art

Burgdorf D’Region scoreboard | More space for art

The technical and equipment gymnasts at Gym Center Emme have been training in their own gym for 20 years. Horizontal columns, uneven columns, and more are permanently placed in the previous warehouse. In the morning, little ones can enjoy the creepy gym in this huge indoor playground. In the afternoon, the children’s gym and basic gymnastics training begin. The training of young gymnasts continues until late in the evening. Over 130 gymnasts train at Emmenhalle in 63 training units per week. The big advantage of Emmenhalle is that gymnastics equipment does not have to be assembled and then disassembled at each training session, as in a school gym.
However, many training courses lead to difficulties in occupancy planning. In particular, the floor track and the jump make up the eye of the needle, as both devices are used in gymnastics apparatus as well as in artistic gymnastics. At the 2021 Annual General Meeting, it was thus decided to expand the current Emmenhalle. An existing garage that was not previously heated will be expanded and an extension added to the rear. A schnitzel pit is being built in this extension – a kind of “swimming pool” filled with foam cubes instead of water. In this, an injury-free landing is guaranteed, even if the legs do not touch the ground first. A 20 meter running track is required for the jumping facility so that sufficient speed can be built for the flips and twists performed on this machine. For this purpose, an “internal tunnel” is being built opposite the main road, next to the existing hall wall. As a result of the expansion, gymnasts now have a second jump track, a second floor track, four additional horizontal bars and, as new, a landing track (trampoline track) at their disposal. All three lanes end in a soft pit schnitzel.
The building permit is available from the beginning of March 2022. In order to keep costs as low as possible, much of the work is carried out by volunteers under the supervision of local craftsmen and construction specialists of the association.
Are you retired or can you take a day off during the week or do you have time on Saturdays to support the gym by expanding the hall? Then please contact [email protected]. Thank you very much for your support!