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Bundesliga: Double Gerasi Pack!  Stuttgart consolidated third place by defeating Wolfsburg 3-2

Bundesliga: Double Gerasi Pack! Stuttgart consolidated third place by defeating Wolfsburg 3-2

The first match was played on matchday 24 of the Bundesliga between Wolfsburg and VfB Stuttgart. Sebastian Hoeneß's team beat Kovac's team 3-2 and secured third place.

Bundesliga: Geraci puts VFB in the lead

To the top game in Bundesliga I received the VfL Wolfsburg the VFB Stuttgart. across the Results are from Saturday afternoon The VfL side have dropped to 13th in the table and remain winless this calendar year. VfL coach Niko Kovac was already under enormous pressure ahead of the match. On the other hand, Stuttgart's third team was under pressure from behind, as its pursuers, Dortmund and Leipzig, both won their matches.

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As expected, VfB started the game in control and had a lot of possession, especially in the early stages. The Wolves took a wait-and-see approach and initially stood deep. Stuttgart had a tough time with this one and still got their first chance through Joscha Vagnoman who shot a powerful shot that went wide of the goal (11th minute). A few minutes later, Hoeneß's team was even better. An attack by Chris Fuhrich and Maximilian Mittelstadt was overturned on the left side. Mittelstädt found the VfB top scorer with a cross Serho GeraciWhich did not give Quinn Castells any chance against Wolfsburg (fourteenth).

After the away team took the lead they became more passive and left the field to the VfL player. However, Wolves were unable to capitalize on possession and were not particularly dangerous. Alexander Nubel's goal was never in danger in the first half. However, the Stuttgart team did not pose much danger either. Fuhrich had the best chance with a long-range shot from 25 meters that went just wide of the Castells goal.

At the end of the first half, Stuttgart had an undeserved 1-0 lead against an innocuous Wolfsburg side. Niko Kovac's side should improve in the second half, especially in attack.

Article image: Bundesliga: Geraci double package!  Stuttgart consolidated third place by defeating Wolfsburg 3-2

(Photo by Slim Sodheimer/Getty Images)

What lies between genius and madness – Wagenmann with the decision

While Niko Kovac changed his team one position, Sebastian Hoeneß was as confident in the team as he was in the first half. The start of the second half was very eventful. First, Wolfsburg equalized after a beautiful attack down the left side. In the end it was the passing relay Joachim MeehlWho put the ball into the team's goal (50). But after just a few seconds, the Dane attracted negative attention. In his own penalty area, Enzo brought down Milot and gave Geraci the opportunity to score two goals. He maintained his calm and executed the penalty kick to give Stuttgart the lead again (54). VfB's third goal from Vagnoman was disallowed due to an offside position (56th).

The home team first had to recover from the immediate setback, so the match continued without any major events. VfB defended their lead cautiously and always managed to keep Wolves busy on the counter-attack. However, there should not be much opportunities at the moment. Hoeness' side scored their third goal from controlled build-up play. Substitute Jimmy Liuling crossed the ball from the left side Gosha VagnomanWho scored from right midfield to make the score 3-1 (77').

But just when everything looked like a certain victory for Stuttgart, the VFL club got back into the game after a Maximilian Arnold free-kick. On the second attempt, the player who had just been substituted scored Luke Nmecha The ball went into VfB's goal, making the score 2-3 (83). Aside from a long-range shot from Amin Sarr, Kovac's team was no longer dangerous in front of Noble's goal (90+1).

Thanks to this victory, Stuttgart has 50 points in the German League after 24 matches, and is therefore on its way to moving to the Champions League. Wolfsburg, on the other hand, is located in the bottom midfield in the Bundesliga.

Wolfsburg – Stuttgart 2:3 (0:1)

Wolfsburg: Castells – R. Paco, Lacroix, Jeans, Myhle – Arnold, Gerhardt (81. Franks), Cerne (46. Thiago Thomas), Madjer (65. Sarr), Paredes (81. Nmecha) – K. Burns (65). .winds)

Stuttgart: Nobel – Rault, Anton, H. Ito – Wagnomann, Carrazor, Stieler (90.+7 David), Mittelstadt (86. Silas), Milot (71. Undaf), Fuehrich (71. Leuling) – Geraci (86. Jeong) )

Goals: 0:1 Geraci (14th), 1:1 Myhel (50th), 1:2 Geraci (54/FE), 1:3 Vagnoman (77th), 2:3 Nmecha (83rd)

(Photo by Slim Sodheimer/Getty Images)

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