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Büetzer Buebe an inspiration at Letzigrund in Zurich


Trauffer rocks the Letzigrund stadium in Zurich with the Büetzer Buebe.

Dominic hug

Music critics despised her, and the general public revered her: Yesterday, Friday, the first huge show of the Büetzer Buebe took place at the completely sold-out Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich. “I am tired of being sick,” Gula, 54, said happily as a salute. “Let’s celebrate the biggest dialect rock festival ever,” says fellow bandmate Mark Traver (43). And we set off with the nickname “Büetzer Buebe”, followed by the hit “Friitig”.

Then quieter tones were struck, and Gölä hit the vocal chords and sang the old love song “Keini Täne meh”. Trauffer also reaches his solo ballroom, throwing the gig with the hit “Frl. Marty” among the audience, over 40,000 enthusiastic fans.