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Bubingen has his sights set on second place

Bubingen has his sights set on second place

The prerequisite is to win against the strong climber from Dinkelscherben +++ Ziemetshausen who does not want to hide in Germaringen +++ Türkgücü Königsbrunn expects the next challenger in the relegation battle

With the last home game of the year against promoted Dinkelscherben, TSV Bobingen has a chance to start the long winter break with a very good second place in the table. But for that you have to win.

TSV Bobingen – TSV Dinkelscherben (Saturday, 2pm)

“We want to say goodbye to our fans and supporters with a win,” says Böppingen coach Christopher Dittke. But the last game at the Bobinger Sportpark on Hoechster Straße will probably not be a definite success. “Especially against teams lower in the table, we struggled in the last home games,” said Bobinger player-coach. That’s why we want to do everything we can this time to make the last game of 2022 a success. The corresponding ability is definitely in Bobinger’s young team. Were it not for the occasional inexplicable fluctuations in performance, especially against teams placed behind Bubinger’s side, the top of the table would have been within the realm of possibility. On defense, Bobinger’s practice squad must change hands again before the last home game. Because it is already clear that Sandor Burghard, one of Bobinger’s defensemen, will be out on Saturday. On the other hand, Bobinger’s captain and defense chief Huseyin Tomakin will be able to play again. “Al-Hussein is very important to us as a leader. With his presence, exemplary commitment and general look to cover, he gives our young team security,” says Christopher Ditke.
says Dinkelscherben coach Michael Finkel, who has noticed “some discontent” in his team in recent weeks. Kaiserberg’s side is having an unusually difficult time moving forward, causing frustration and resignation in a 2-0 defeat against SpVgg Kaufbeuren. “We currently lack clarity and precision, especially when creating chances,” Finkel said. The only player who provides the necessary balance between defense and attack is captain Maximilian Micheler. Against Bobingen, the 28-year-old will play in midfield for the last time before a long-awaited hip operation in January. Downtime: several months. Hakan Avci and Jonas Mosner are also absent for a longer period of time due to a semester abroad planned in the new year. After all, the owners of Finkel- / Fürst- / Schmid could build a wide squad, in the first half of the season a total of 24 players were used. (ankle / iliac) SZ Local Sport / Local gym

SVO Germaringen – TSV Ziemetshausen (Sunday, 2pm)

In Germaringen, before the game against TSV Ziemetshausen, the game was said to be a six-point game. In terms of direct comparison, the psychological advantage lies with the hosts, because the first leg was won 2-0 by goals from Patrick and Timo Wars. If they win, not only can Germaringen enter the winter break feeling good, they can also keep up with the mid-table side.
“We are in a very difficult situation,” said coach Sven Müller, describing the situation at TSV Zemmitshausen. A look at the table confirms this statement. TSV is penultimate and is currently five points behind the place of relegation. Seven points are already missing from the Savings Bank. The Ziemetshausers have picked up two points from their last seven matches. “We have to beat a direct competitor like SVO Germaringen,” explains Sven Müller. Unterallgäu is one place and three points ahead of Ziemetshausen. Müller and his team also want to do something for their self-confidence in the meeting. “We have the ability to survive in the area league, and we don’t have to hide,” Mueller explains. The biggest problem that has been going on all season so far is many players getting injured and beat up. Müller attributes many of these injuries to the short summer break and the resulting lack of regeneration many of his players had due to their relegation marathons. “At some point something will happen to the players,” Mueller said. The coach assumes that his team will meet a strong but very stable team in Germaringen. “We know what’s coming,” he says. Favorite GZ Local Sport

SV Türkgücü Königsbrunn – SG Niedersonthofen / Martinszell (Sunday, 2pm)

Coach Helmut Riedel can count on Kerim Kakin, who has returned from injury, in attack, and Igor Keller is gradually getting back in shape. They are supported by Ebrima Sanyang and Mert Akkurt, who was Heimertingen’s player of the day. In addition, Burak Tok and midfielder Kan Dogan, who missed Hemmertingen due to personal reasons, should return.
The next contender in the relegation battle, SV Türkgücü Königsbrunn, is waiting for “Niso-Boys”. The momentum from the six matches without defeat should be taken with them. The Thum/Frasch coaching staff has to replace Andreas Abend after an ankle injury from the Haunstetten match. (cutter) SZ Local Sport

SV Cosmos Aystetten – FC Heimertingen (Sunday, 2pm)

In the past, astronauts have repeatedly had minor mistakes and misfires, like 1-1 kissing. “It wasn’t necessary,” said Captain Fabian Krug, annoyed. “The Kissing used two of our single errors to make it 2-0. Then the deep placement made it difficult for us to catch up. After a 2-2 draw, we failed to score from our second-half advantage.” That should improve against 10th-placed FC Heimertingen. , which Krug describes as an unpleasant opponent. “We have to make sure we take the lead early on. Then the opposition has to come in and we can play the game.” A win means goodbye to the winter break. He hopes to return to the National League soon, “in the spring round we will try to get the most out of him.” “The drop is realistic.” With leaders SV Egg five points clear, they definitely want to finish second.
At the Heimertingen club camp, everyone is well aware of the big hurdle that awaits them at third-placed Cosmos Aystetten. For player coach Christophe Amann, his players must muster all their strength to be able to keep up with the Astronauts. However, it is doubtful whether this will work. But they often presented one surprise or the other. (first) Local gym

SpVgg Kaufbeuren – Kissinger SC (Saturday, 2 p.m.)

The hosts want to see off the winter break with a home win against Kissinger. Recently, SVK’s 2-0 win over TSV Dinkelscherben came at just the right time: “You have to fight for luck, and we did that for 95 minutes in Dinkelscherben,” explains SVK coach Mahmoud Kabak. From the start the team was focused, hardly making any mistakes and scoring goals at the right time. If the points are to remain in Kaufbeuren, the match against Kissing should not be treated any differently.
There is still a game for Kissinger that the rookie team would like to play successfully. In fourth-placed Kaufbüren, KSC will certainly be content with just one point, despite Marco Henneberg’s side surprisingly winning the first leg 2-0. (Republika Srpska) local sport

SV Egg / Günz – TSV Ottobeuren (Sunday, 2 p.m.)

SV Egg an der Günz welcomes TSV Ottobeuren to the derby at the Günztal Arena. Eggers are currently leading the table by five points from Bobingen and would like to go into the winter break with that lead. With Ottobeuren, a very unpleasant SVE team awaits at the weekend, that is, just before the relegation zones. Eggers can only successfully play the game if they work with great focus from the get-go and constantly take advantage of the scoring opportunities that come up.