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brother reconciliation?  Prince Harry and Prince William will soon be neighbors

brother reconciliation? Prince Harry and Prince William will soon be neighbors

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry travel to England in September. They will live there only 800 meters from William and Kate.


The basics in brief

  • During their trip to Europe, Harry and Meghan will live close to Kate and William.
  • However, experts do not assume that the brothers will talk.
  • A meeting with the busy queen is also unlikely.

Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (41) will travel to Europe and the UK to attend some charity events in early September. Then they will Frogmore Cottage on Windsor Estate Live, as the “Sun” reported. It is located just 800 meters away themselves Adelaide Cottage, The house that Prince William (40) and Duchess Kate can be obtained.

The two feuding brothers will live only five minutes’ walk from each other. The best opportunity for discussion and reconciliation?

The brothers have been royals since Harry left They don’t speak well with each other. On past occasions they avoided each other and barely spoke to each other. Their wives don’t get along either.

But royal family insiders consider the debate unlikely, and there are no plans for a meeting. The expert also does not believe in the opportunity to meet due to the busy schedule. “One might think, however, that someone is knocking on the door with flowers as a peace offering.” In light of what happened last time, this is unlikely.

Insiders report it Kate Middleton Before wedding Flowers for reconciliation were brought from Meghan and Prince Harry. It is said that the American actress closed the door to her and threw the flower away.

Also meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Queen Elizabeth (96) they hardly exist. The Queen is taking her summer vacation At Balmoral Castle in Scotland Boycott and come to London. There, however, you will put the new prime minister in office. She will return to her summer residence after a meeting with an advisory board.

Do you hope that Prince Harry and Prince William reconcile?

even if the Royal family So everyone will be very close to each other, but a meeting is not expected. With their busy schedules, they would have a good excuse to do so.

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