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Brits reject menopause law as men suffer

In the UK, proposals to change the law on menopausal women have in some cases been rejected. This is due to discrimination against men.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • In the UK, women’s rights regarding menstruation need to be changed.
  • However, the proposed law has now been rejected.
  • The reason for this is the fear of making men feel disadvantaged.

Last July, the UK’s All Party Women and Equalities Commission published a report on menstruation and the workplace. It contained a recommendation to make menopause a “protected aspect”.

So-called “protected characteristics” include age, disability and race. It is illegal to discriminate against these characteristics.

In an official response, the government rejected the proposal

Proposals to amend UK law to protect women During menstruation Now partially deprecated. As the Guardian reports, this is due to fears that men may be discriminated against.

Having trouble with menopause?

For example, the Discrimination against menPeople suffering from long-term medical problems. This follows from the official answer GovernmentIt appeared on Tuesday.

In addition, there is a large demand Pilot Scheme for Exemption Rejected by menopausal women. It is not considered “necessary”.

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