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Britons trust the EU more than the government

Three years after Brexit, UK people trust the EU more than their government or parliament. This finding comes from a survey.

Additionally, nearly half are disappointed with the United Kingdom leaving the EU at the end of January 2020. A quarter (24 percent) are happy about it. That’s the conclusion of the World Values ​​Survey released Thursday by King’s College London.

According to this, in 2022 less than a quarter had great or relatively great trust in the government and parliament. On the other hand, trust in the European Union rose from 22 percent to 39 percent in the 2000s.

“We need to work harder and faster to build public confidence,” said Bobby Duffy, head of the Policy Institute. “The pandemic shows how much we rely on public cooperation in times of crisis, where trust is key.”

In Scotland, the ruling party, the SNP, strives for independence and a return to the international community. There, 59 percent of people are disappointed with Brexit, more than in the other three regions of the country. 50 percent of people there have faith in the European Union.