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British restaurants hit hard by Brexit

The effects of Brexit and the rising cost of living are affecting many restaurants in Great Britain.

According to accountancy firm UHY, the number of bankruptcies has increased by almost two-thirds (64 per cent) in the past year. Hacker A recent assessment was done by Young.

While 856 restaurants filed for bankruptcy in 2020/21 (March 31), the following year the figure was 1406. inflammationPost-Brexit staff shortages and guests who can no longer afford to spend as much,” UHY partner Peter Kubik said in a statement on Monday.

In particular, small restaurants were affected by this and no longer had easy workers EU Can be hired, Kubik said. “Many people cannot find enough employees to work profitably.”

From Brexit, freedom of movement for workers EU In Great Britain – and vice versa – has come to an end. Expensive visas are now required, are sponsored by the employer and require a complicated process to apply for.

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