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British reporter gossip about her character

British reporter gossip about her character

At the Earthshot Awards, a reporter couldn’t help but talk about Kate Middleton’s body. Royal fans are frothing.

The basics in brief

  • Richard Madeley describes Kate as “thin” and “small”.
  • This causes red heads to appear for the royal fans.
  • The reporter has to endure a real storm.

A few days ago, Kate Middleton (39 years old) and her husband divorced Prince William (39) in London Die Earthshot Awards.

Everything is spun at the awards ceremony to protect the environment – At least one must believe that. Because instead Climate change To speak, one reporter preferred to blaspheme the character of the Duchess.

“She’s too skinny, isn’t she?” Kate? Richard Madley (65) commented on her body from Good Morning Britain. His colleague Susanna Reid, 50, replied: “This is it, isn’t it?”

Even then, the topic has not yet been decided. He returned to Kate’s character and mentioned how “small” her waist was.

For royal fans Absolutely forbidden. Blame him on social media Supervisor for his statements. “If you want to comment on a woman, just say how wonderful she is,” grumbled one of them.

Another person said: “He should focus on the event, not on Kate Middleton’s waist…”

Can you understand the anger of the masses?

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