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British police investigate video of Prime Minister Sunak not wearing seat belt

British police have announced an investigation following the release of a video of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak being undressed in a moving car.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Spokesman admits “mistakes” by head of government.

Police said on Thursday evening that the case is under investigation. Earlier, Sunak Im Website He posted a video promoting his own politics from the back seat of a moving car – without wearing a seat belt.

A police spokeswoman in Lancashire, where the prime minister was taped, said the agency was “aware of the case” and was investigating. In the UK, driving without a seatbelt can result in a fine of up to £500 (€571).

A spokesman for the head of government said Sunak had apologized for his “mistake”. “The Prime Minister believes everyone should wear seat belts,” the spokesman said. Sunak only loosened the belt “for a while” to record the video. This is a “misjudgment”.

Sunak’s travel habits had earlier caused a stir after the prime minister used his private jet for short-haul flights of 30 to 40 minutes in the past few days. The use of aircraft “results in high costs environment and taxpayers,” criticized Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the opposition Labor Party. A government spokesman, on the other hand, insisted that Sunak chooses his mode of transport because he can better use his time to get around the whole of the United Kingdom.

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