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British Foreign Secretary Zachary-Radcliffe calls for his release

British Foreign Secretary Lis Tras has called for a halt to the Nazarene Zakari Council case in Iran.

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  • Zachary-Radcliffe’s attorney confirmed that the one-year prison sentence against him had been upheld by the Court of Appeal.

British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss has called for a halt to the trial of Nassan Zakari-Radcliffe, a Iranian-British twin state detained in Iran. “Iran’s decision to base unsubstantiated allegations against Nassan Zakari-Radcliffe is completely unacceptable,” Truss wrote Saturday evening. Twitter. He should be released permanently, the minister added.

However he acknowledged that their decision was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

The case has been the subject of controversy between Tehran and London for years. British Labor MP Tulip Siddiqui had earlier quoted her husband as saying that Zachary-Radcliffe could be expected to return to prison at any time.

In April this year, a British woman was sentenced to another year in prison for campaigning against the Iranian regime. Related to the alleged participation in a new sentence Demonstration An interview he did twelve years ago and in the Persian language edition BBC Given. He had already served five years in prison on similar charges and was released in March, but was not allowed to leave the country.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation project manager was arrested in 2016 after meeting his parents in southern Iran. The 42-year-old British woman was accused of spying. He is said to have tried with a foreign network to overthrow the regime in Iran. Although the British woman vehemently denies all charges against her, she is guilty by a revolutionary court.

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