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British Boy Sucks In The Whirlpool - Full Back Blue

British Boy Sucks In The Whirlpool – Full Back Blue

A little Brit was splashing in the hot tub when he was drawn into the filtration system and nearly drowned. Now his father warns against the whirlpool.

The basics in brief

  • Harry was sucked up by the filter system into his parents’ whirlpool.
  • The boy escaped from England only thanks to quick help.
  • His father now warns other parents to avoid the vortex.

It’s meant to be a fun day at the whirlpool. But then Harry suddenly falls under the filter system Water drawn.

Three men immediately rush over to help and pull the little boy out of the pool. But no reaction, Harry has already fainted.

Dad warns other parents about hot tubs

A week has passed now and Harry is back with his family. In addition to the major trauma, the little boy from England “only” had major bruises.

“Fortunately, Harry is at home now and on the mend,” he says happily. the father Alex Williams. “If he hadn’t been rescued from the tub so quickly and the treatment had been so good, he probably wouldn’t be here today.”

In order to save other parents from such trauma, Alex appeals to Facebook social networking siteTo think carefully about buying a hot tub: “If you want to buy a hot tub or swimming pool, please make sure the equipment is safe, and that it is checked regularly.”

You don’t really think about the fact that something so fun can turn out to be life threatening, Williams said.

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