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Britain withdraws troops from Mali

Britain is withdrawing its troops from the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali. This is due to concerns about military cooperation with Russia.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Britain withdraws 300 troops from UN peacekeeping mission in Mali
  • The government is concerned about the country’s growing cooperation with Russia.
  • France, a West African nation, has already withdrawn its troops.

Great Britain is withdrawing its soldiers due to growing concerns about military cooperation between Mali and Russia From the UN peacekeeping mission In a West African country.

300 British task forces will end their three-year term early. Defense Secretary James Happy said Monday Houses of Parliament London. France earlier withdrew its troops from Mali. The The German Bundeswehr still exists Representing up to 1400 players.

Heappey blamed the withdrawal of Mali’s interim military government. “Two coups in three years have undermined international efforts to promote peace,” the conservative politician said.

Wagner has mercenaries in Mali

Above all, he criticized the existence of Wagner, a Russian mercenary group accused of human rights abuses. Partnership of Mali Government With the Wagner group Antidote to sustainabilitysaid Hippie. “This Government Our country’s army cannot be stopped for security Government The host country is not ready to work with us to build lasting stability and security.”

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