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Britain relaxes rules for offshore wind turbines

Britain relaxes rules for offshore wind turbines

As of: September 5, 2023 9:13 pm

Due to strict regulations, it was almost impossible to build offshore wind farms in Great Britain – now the government is allowing restrictions to be relaxed. In doing so, he is responding to demands from environmental groups and his own party.

The British government has agreed to relax rules for setting up offshore wind farms in the UK. Due to previous, more stringent regulations, it was almost impossible to build new wind farms on land. Even an objection can stop such plans even before the planning stage.

Recently, however, pressure has mounted on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s conservative government to ease restrictions. Not only environmental groups, but also renewable energy advocates in the Tories have pressed for a change in the law.

Previous rules have been in force since 2015

These changes have now been introduced to “increase our energy security and drive a cleaner, greener economy,” Local Government Minister Michael Gove said in a parliamentary letter. Build” and help achieve its climate protection goals.

The previous rules were introduced in 2015 by former Prime Minister David Cameron to target Conservative voters in rural areas. In fact, they were banned in new wind farms and smaller sites.

The government wants to explore rewards

After the new regulations came into force, municipalities can now apply to their responsible administration for the construction of onshore wind farms that are not part of so-called development plans. However, the final decision will be taken by the elected local council members. However, from now on, these should not only take into account the views of wind farm opponents, but also the views of society as a whole.

Meanwhile, the government said it would consider “enhanced rewards and benefits” for communities that support offshore wind farms. This includes possible discounts on electricity bills.

Planning procedures To simplify

Great Britain is a leader in offshore wind energy. But while land-based facilities are cheap and quick to build, the UK has so far lagged behind in its potential.

Planned change is intended to simplify the planning process. Alok Sharma, former chair of the 2021 world climate conference at Glasgow COP 26, has been particularly supportive of deregulation among the ruling Tories.

However, some activists criticized the proposed changes as insufficient. Greenpeace representative Doug Barr said they were “weak” and “more hot air from the government”.