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Britain intends to supply tanks to Poland.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said Britain is considering supplying tanks to Poland. Photo: Stephen Rousseau / PA Wire / DPA

The main stone

According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Britain is considering supplying tanks to Poland.

Soviet-designed T-72 tanks would later be moved from Warsaw to Ukraine. Johnson made the announcement during a visit to the Indian capital New Delhi on Friday. So far, London has been refusing to supply tanks to Ukraine. Britain has already pledged 150 Kyiv armored vehicles. It is said to be the most armored “Mastiff” type.

In addition, the British government has supplied thousands of NLAW and Javelin anti-tank weapons, as well as aerial and guided missiles from the Starstreak surface. Also, modern anti-ship missiles were recently announced. According to Johnson, artillery was also provided.

According to the Ministry of Defense in London, the total value of British military aid so far is மில்லியன் 450 million (equivalent to 558 Swiss francs). Britain has provided 400 million for economic and humanitarian aid.