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Britain: Brexit Minister Frost resigns – Politics

British Brexit Minister David Frost has announced his resignation. Frost wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday evening that he was concerned about the government’s attitude. His office has confirmed his resignation. The British government published Johnson’s letter and reply On their pages. The Prime Minister himself regretted the move and wrote that Frost could be proud of his historic service to the government.

With the government seat on Downing Street, they did not initially want to comment on the reports. The Sunday Mail The Brexit minister is said to have submitted his resignation a week ago. Johnson urged him to remain in office until January. During talks between Great Britain and the European Union on the controversial Brexit rules for Northern Ireland, the two sides recently approached each other.

According to the report, the departure was linked to frustration with the government’s recent political decisions. This includes the introduction of controversial 3G certificates (vaccinated, recovered or tested) specifically for clubs and major events. As a result, nearly 100 Conservative lawmakers rejected Johnson’s vote this week. Higher costs and tax increases for the path to climate neutrality should be a thorn in the side of the iceberg.

Frost, who is also a member of the British House of Lords, negotiated a last-minute Brexit trade deal with his French envoy, Michael Barnier, who represented the European Union. It has been enforcing mostly tax-free trade between Great Britain and the EU since the country left the EU. However, there are still many obstacles, problems and points of contention.