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Britain at a standstill – “Boris Johnson unleashes maximum instability” – News

Britain at a standstill – “Boris Johnson unleashes maximum instability” – News


The prime minister’s belated resignation will cost the island a lot of time and nerves, says expert Hegard Danemann.

After its controversial prime minister’s resignation announcement, the United Kingdom will remain stable both domestically and in relation to the EU for several months, says Hegard Danemann, a law professor at the Great Britain Center at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Hegard Danemann

Great Britain Expert

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Hegard was Daneman Prof for English Law and British Economics and Politics from Humboldt University in Berlin.

SRF News: Is England now approaching a period of peace again?

Hehard Danemann: Unfortunately not. Boris Johnson has designed his exit to cause maximum instability. More than 50 members of his government — ministers, secretaries of state and undersecretaries — had to resign before he realized his time was up.

Boris Johnson has designed his exit to cause maximum instability.

It will take some time to stop this happiness and fill the positions again. Until then, Great Britain will not have an efficient and effective government.

What were the direct effects of Johnson’s resignation on British politics?

Politics will stop for a while now. Many things cannot be further developed. There is a backlog of legislative projects that could already be passed. While the Tory party is busy with a great deal of navel-gazing and having to work out among themselves who to support, it’s no better now. This process costs a lot of political energy. And he will prevent important issues from being dealt with in England for the time being.

With Johnson’s resignation, a power vacuum has also been created. How complicated is it in relation to global issues like Ukraine?

I wouldn’t worry about Ukraine. It doesn’t matter who is in office – British politics will continue the previous line and very clearly support Ukraine. Not only with words, but also with actions and weapons. This is absolutely indisputable between all parties, and Boris Johnson will continue to be supported.

Not much is happening to combat climate change and many other things.

Deadlocked negotiations with the EU will not continue until the power struggle is resolved. In the fight against climate change and many other things, not much is happening at the moment.

Adam Fehr conducted the interview.