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Brings a new rank called Ascendant, new map Pearl – GBS News

Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 is coming and scheduled for August

to publish. , 1920. Riot Games has released the patch notes for the upcoming update, detailing the additions, changes, and new content in the latest update. Developer Broadcast revealed on June 16 that Riot will be adding a new competitive rating in Valorant titled Ascendant.

Aside from the new rating, the new patch includes a new map called Pearl, Pearl-only queue, proxy fixes, and bug fixes. Riot has also paused all potential operations on the Split map, and there is no set date for a return to the game. Let’s talk about the new arrangement and all the content in the patch notes.

Courageous Patch Notes 5.0 (Episode 5, Chapter 1): Details

Image via Riot Games

The new ranking is above the diamond level and below the immortal, allowing more players to sort between the minimum and maximum rating system. The Ascendant Rating will be available on June 26, along with the release of Episode Five, Chapter One.

Riot said that many Bronze and Silver players were not among them, causing the developers to consider a ranking distribution system. Also, Riot described that this could lead to an overpopulation of higher ranks such as platinum and diamond. Then they decided to apply Ascendant before Immortal, the second highest rank in the game, to avoid overcrowding of players. According to Riot, this will help maintain the reputation of the higher ranks.

Just announced live, your first look at the new ascending ranking) • New ranking above Diamond, lower than Immortal • Modified ranks pooling restrictions, placements and penalties of 5 stacks • Full details to follow in patch notes 5.0 https://t .

– VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) Jun 20365

The patch notes also bring a new map called Pearl, and according to Riot, the new map states that “Pearl is VALORANT’s first Omega Earth map to blend technological marvels with tactical three-track gameplay.” Be available for a long time, and then it will compete with Perl. Also, the split will be temporarily removed from the pool of maps in unranked and competition queues.

The patch also included bug fixes for agents like Jett, Sova, Fade, and Chamber. Click here for the full patch notes, here are the details of the latest patch:

    new pearl card

      New ascending rank

      split removal

      find the mistakes and resolve it

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