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Brighter, More Space - Teningen

Brighter, More Space – Teningen

The Tenninger Municipal Council met for the first time on Tuesday in the enlarged and renovated council chamber.

. The renovated town hall in Teningen was occupied in the summer of last year, and the official opening took place in October. But the municipal council did not meet for the first time in the new meeting room until Tuesday. The distancing rules imposed by the pandemic could not be observed in the new hall, so the town council met regularly in the great Nimberghalle.

The new meeting room is really bright. From the room where the meetings were held, only the wooden floor was preserved and the wall relief was adopted. The relief extends very discreetly and barely with visible cracks even above the hidden door to the tea-kitchen. The hall space was expanded by moving the back wall behind the management table by about two metres.

The fact that councilors find space at the council table in a U-shape open and thus can look in the eye is less due to the extra square meters rather than the fake partial location de-selection that has been set in the meantime. This was annulled by the 2018 referendum, holding the number fixed at 22 municipal councillors. After the municipal council elections in 2014, the commission consisted of 29 members. 23rd place in the round goes to the mayor of Heimbach.

Technically speaking, the hall has been modernized so far. Microphones are installed in the seats. Since not every board has its own microphone and leads are kept very short, improvements need to be made here. In addition, the tables have sockets and USB slots. Furniture in the Majlis room was not permanently installed, so that the hall could also be used for other purposes, such as receptions.

Induction loops make it easier for the hard of hearing to follow discussions because the sound can be streamed directly to their hearing aids, if they are compatible. Using a projector that can be lowered from the ceiling, the relevant meeting documents are displayed on the screen behind the management table. The administrative staff themselves have three screens in front of them that they can see as well. “We can also connect our peripherals there, thus importing data from several places,” explains Rolf Stein, as the head of the third division, which is also responsible for citizen service.