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Brexit: There are currently no roaming charges in Great Britain

Although the UK actually withdrew from the EU roaming regulation with Brexit, both providers initially did not charge extra for the use of mobile data in their respective foreign countries. In England Both Vodafone and provider EE have announced that they intend to change this again from January 2022. Free roaming in EU countries is only available for certain rates for those coming from Great Britain.

Vodafone, on the other hand, in Germany said it had no plans to raise roaming charges in Great Britain again. Deutsche Telecom customers need not fear any additional costs.

According to the companies, the same will be true for O2 and 1 & 1 until the end of this year. However, providers wanted to keep it open to see if this would apply after 2021. It depends on the negotiations with the roaming partners, which is on demand. You will inform your customers in a timely manner.

In 2017, roaming charges were abolished in the European Union. Since then, European mobile phone users have been able to make phone calls or use the mobile Internet without much hassle on vacation. So far, this also applies to the UK, which had a final divorce from the EU earlier this year, despite Brexit.