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Brexit-News: German journalist admits Britain “leaves us” – “A corpse laughs at us!” | United Kingdom

The post-Brexit trade agreement was signed at 11 a.m. after nearly a year of tension, and the UK severed ties with the EU late last year after frequent bitter talks between the two regions. Boris Johnson celebrated Britain’s new sovereignty and insisted that the country thrive outside the Confederation, ending Britain’s 47 years of membership. This perspective seems to have spread rapidly to Germany, with Gabor Steinard acknowledging that Britain was performing “better” than Germany during the epidemics and that Britain was now on the “economic fast track” despite Brexit.

The UK Govt has advanced the vaccination program, with 40% of the UK fully vaccinated, compared to just 19% in Germany, according to our world data statistics.

EU vaccine release has plummeted from disaster to disaster, with member states expressing their anger over the volume and conflict with vaccine maker AstraZeneca.

Mr Stinger gave a series of confessions in an article for the German news site Focus Online.

He wrote: “There is no need to understand Boris Johnson and his British.

“But it doesn’t hurt to look at the island to see what happened better there during the epidemics and what is better compared to Germany.

Despite Brexit, the UK is currently on an economic fast track.

“In order to identify yourself well, the imaginary look in the mirror and the brilliant look on the garden fence look at each other.

“What we Germans see there, especially when we see it in the distance and on the British Isles, should pause us.

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Despite the epidemic, the UK economy is expected to grow by 5.3% this year and 5.1% by 2022, and “Germany is also growing, but slowly,” he said.

He wrote: “The EU’s higher interests than British outsiders have failed to transition from political rhetoric to economic reality.

Mr Stinger said the UK service sector would see the highest growth rate in 24 years in 2021, despite politicians’ post-Brexit talks.

Finally, Germans cited Stadista’s unemployment figures in March, which put the unemployment rate at 4.8% in the UK and 6.2% in Germany.

He said: “Thanks to lower unemployment rates (see map), prosperity in the UK is expected to grow faster in 2021 than in Germany.”

In conclusion, Mr Stinger suggested that Germany should not follow the British approach, but agreed: “The corpse is laughing at us”.

The German wrote: “We do not have to copy the British system, but we have to understand it.

“The nation-state, which has been declared dead by many German politicians, seems to be alive on the island.

“We have the impression that the corpse is laughing at us.”

Additional Report by Monica Balenberg.