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Brexit minister denies responsibility for British ESC bankruptcy

Great Britain finished last at ESC on Saturday evening. Funnily enough, some have blamed Brexit for the failure. Brexit minister David Frost, on the other hand, is distancing himself from Rotterdam.

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Great Britain’s worst performance in the Eurovision Song Contest has reached the British Parliament. Brexit minister David Frost had to ask the Lord’s House whether he would be held accountable for “humiliation” at the ESC.

Last place for Great Britain

Great Britain sent singer James Newman to race at ESC. Without even a point, the 35-year-old finished last. Germany did even better. Gendrick Schwartz finished 25th with three points.

James Newman from Great Britain sings “Embers” (Source: dpa)

The failure of Great Britain was mocked on social media – and widely commented. For example, some users joked that Brexit was only half the reason for Pope’s poor performance in the homeland.

“I want to be responsible for a lot of things,” David Frost said five days after the Eurovision Song Contest. The first result on Saturday evening was not one of them.

“I will not be immersed in self-pity”

Gendrick Schwartz had to listen to a lot of criticism after his performance with his song “I Don’t Feel Hate”. After all, the 26-year-old was ashamed of his interviews, The musician gave up “drunk” after the ESC.

“But now I will not be immersed in self-pity. I have to learn to write the best songs for me now,” he wrote on Instagram a few days ago. Coincidentally, Italy beat ESC with the rock band Meneskin.