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Brexit: Great Britain rejects significantly more EU citizens

England Since Brexit, it has been covering itself up, and it is very difficult for EU citizens to enter the country. From January to March alone, British border guards deported a total of 3,294 EU citizens – six times more than in the first quarter of the previous year. This is based on the figures of the Ministry of Home Affairs London Emerges. The cases of EU citizens being deported only to their homeland at British airports or ports after being detained for several days for deportation caused a stir.

The end of freedom of movement is its declared purpose Proxy, British departure from the European Union, which came into force on 1 January. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Home Secretary Priti Patel has repeatedly said that Great Britain is now a sovereign country that can determine its own borders.

Romania is particularly hard hit

According to the Interior Ministry, a total of 22 German citizens were barred from entering the country in the first quarter of 2021, more than twice a year ago. However, this does not mean that there has been a significant increase in average over the past few years. It looks weird Romania It accounts for more than 2,000 people, two-thirds of all victims. The number here has increased almost tenfold.

Tourists from the European Union can come to the UK without a visa. But anyone who wants to live or work there now needs a visa. People who lived there before Brexit could apply for a so-called settlement plan until the end of June, which often affirms the same rights that existed before leaving the EU.

Most recently, there were reports that EU citizens were detained for several days in Germany looking for work or a couple without a visa and then deported. The Home Ministry instructed the border guards to change this.

According to the Guardian, most EU citizens have already been detained during British border controls at EU ports or the Eurostar terminal in Paris. 738 were expelled after arriving in the UK. If air traffic resumes, the number will increase significantly.