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Brexit agreement and Good Friday agreement do not apply.

Brexit agreement and Good Friday agreement do not apply.

Nigel Dots, former DUP Speaker of the UK Parliament, at the Northern Ireland General Election Counting Center in McGraffield, London County. Photo: Niall Carson / PA Wire / DPA

The main stone

In the aftermath of the Northern Ireland election, the DUP, the Protestant Unionist party, is increasing pressure on the British Prime Minister to break the Brexit agreement. “Boris Johnson now has a choice: the Good Friday Agreement or the Northern Ireland Protocol,” German newspaper Nigel Dots, former chairman of the TUP’s parliamentary group in the British Parliament, said on Saturday. If Johnson does not repeal the protocol, his party will not participate in a unity government, as expected in the 1998 peace treaty known as the Good Friday Pact, Dots said.

The Northern Ireland Protocol to the Brexit Agreement gives the province a special status to avoid border controls with the European Union member Ireland. However, it is now necessary to check whether the goods were brought from England, Scotland or Wales to Northern Ireland. The DUP fears that this could be the first step in separating Northern Ireland from the UK.

Boris Johnson reached an agreement with Brussels against the DUP’s wishes, but later repeatedly threatened to cancel it. If that happens, a clear reaction is expected from Brussels.

After the majority vote was counted, a historic victory for the Catholic-Republican party, Sinn Fin, became apparent on Saturday. For the first time in the province’s more than 100 years of history, a party supporting secession from Great Britain and unification with the Republic of Ireland may seek the post of head of government. However, the cooperation of the DUP is essential for the formation of a successful government. Otherwise there is a risk that the regional government will not be able to take a decision.