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1 more time games (“Riftforce”) and Z Man . Games Enjoy the game together “The Challengers” Developed for 22 . game to appear in Essen. In it, the game elements become one car fighters with these deck buildinggame together. The game comes from authors Johannes Krenner (“Kyoto”) and Markus Slawitscheck (“Starlink”). is it 1-8 people far 8 years And it has time to play 45 minutes.

This is what the game is about

Cross in the challengers 70 crazy characters From places as different as Hollywood, outer space, the brutal deep sea…or from your very own bathtub. We’ll draw character cards with unique abilities and face challenging deck building decisions between rounds, as each group of characters unlocks new ways to win. In duels, we win prizes and fans by beating others. After seven rounds, the two players with the most titles and fans will compete to determine the ultimate champion.



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