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Rock Manor Games to have Two separate accessories for “set clock” announced. The campaign for this should start soon Kicksterpers beginning. Games are aimed at 1-4 people. For more information you can Subscribe to the newsletter here Subscribe to the newsletter.

This is what extensions offer

Extension “Set a Watch: Forsaken Islands” he is Co-op puzzle game For 1-4 people and play time 60-90 minutes. The gameplay in the base game remains the same, but includes some new twists, which mostly revolve around creatures that cause mischief.

The second announced expansion, “Convicted Run”, is a campaign that can be played over and over again. As you play, you will unlock new heroes and find mysterious items while other characters die. It is said to come in a large box with room for everything from the “Set a Watch” series.

Both campaigns It can be perfectly combined with anything in the Set a Watch collection. All creatures, heroines, heroes and locations are freely interchangeable.

There is no set date for the campaign to start yet. But it shouldn’t be too long now.

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