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in Ravensburger is a new one Minecraft game Back. It comes from the author Ulrich Blume It offers a co-op foray into the underworld of Minecraft. The game aims to 1-4 people of 10 years. subordinate RRP located at €44.99 The game is now commercially available.

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This is what the game is about

In the new co-op strategy game Minecraft Portal Dash, players are trapped in the fiery underworld of Minecraft. Mob hordes are waiting. Only if players work together as a team and use their diminishing equipment and resources wisely, will they be able to reach the savings portal, defeat the boss and escape from Hell. With a mod system with new crowds, game board parts, and different bosses, the game constantly offers new and ever-challenging adventures.

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Once again, the creator of the game Ulrich Blum, together with Ravensburger and Mojang – the Swedish studio that developed the digital Minecraft world – created a game that conveys the feeling of true Minecraft. Of course, everything is divided again, including hearts for life. Players need them, too, because this time it’s all about Endermen, Ghosts, Hugglins and Co., the well-known Minecraft mobs, who repeatedly attack players when escaping through the Nether and which must be kept out of the way – including from the final boss. “The first game didn’t focus on fighting mobs, but we found it to be very interesting for players,” explains Daniel Greiner, Director of Game Development. “In Minecraft: Portal Dash, this is where players can take off the Force.”

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Nether looks a little different in each game depending on which pieces of path you choose face down to start with. The first mobs will appear soon. Don’t panic – players don’t stumble into this adventure unprepared, but they do come with armor, sword, bow and axe, among other things, and a full life rod. Next to the game board is a large cube consisting of 64 randomly arranged resource blocks. Depending on the color of the block, players can use the blocks to get new and better pieces of equipment, refill life or cover obstacle fields. On the other hand, they have to help the local pigs to break up the blocks and complete three missions to activate the escape portal. In time, keep in mind, otherwise you will lose the game.

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