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Brady with a big win over the Giants: a small crisis is over: - American football

Brady with a big win over the Giants: a small crisis is over: – American football

A massive victory over the giants!

Quarterback legend Tom Brady (44) and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New York Giants 30:10 in Monday’s NFL game.

Brady conducts a short operation with the giants!

After two consecutive defeats, the defending champion won again. By the way, the last time Brady lost three times in a row was 19 years ago.

Played less than four minutes – and already in the lead! Brady matches up with Chris Goodwin, who enters the end zone. The extra kick fits in, too. 7-0 Start!

The giants come with a field goal. 3: 7! Hackers can also play football. Seated field goal – 10:3!

Girl’s face! Mike Evans slips Brady’s pass from his hands. rotation! Giants punish it immediately! The landing of Andrew Thomas. With a kick suddenly standing 10:10!

Ronald Jones adds a second, gets the egg from Brady – and runs to the pirate landing. With the extra point it is now 17:10.

And the pirates continue to search for points! Brady throws Evans – trapped in the finish zone! Although closely guarded. Very strong! With an extra point, Tampa Bay takes the lead with a score of 24:10.

Progress is extended to 27:10 with field goal. Definitely something here!

And another field goal: 30:10 for Bucs.

A sure thing for giant quarterback Tom Brady!


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